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Aspen Freeskiing Open – Drew, Blunck Win Halfpipe

Posted by Jon Lang
Photos Jeremy Swanson

Today the AFP World Tour saw a great gold level halfpipe competition go down on Buttermilk Mountain . The Aspen/Snowmass Freeskiing Open put on a well-orchastrated  event that saw amazing young talent push their limits and put themselves in contention in the overall world rankings right up with the likes of the A-level athletes we all know by name. U.S. Freeskiing Rookies Aaron Blunck and Annalisa Drew move into the top 5 in the AFP World Rankings, along with a grip of podiums for U.S. Freeskiing.


Jamie Crane-Mauzy proved her dual discipline skills by dropping into the halfpipe with a mute-grab, left 540 mute-grab, right 540, safety-grab, flair to left 360. If she could replace that safety with a trick, she may see herself atop the podium rather than in third in the future.

Maggie Stout, who took home $750 for her second place win, was extremely consistent with her mute-grab, left 540 safety-grab, right 540, left 540 safety-grab, japan-grab to left 720.

But it was Annalisa Drew who took home the gold. She has been proving herself contest after contest and doesn’t look like the rookie she is on the U.S. Freeskiing team, but a rising star in women’s freeskiing. She led the pack with her left 900, ally-oop, left 540 safety-grab, safety-grab, left 540 mute-grab, safety-grab to left 720.



Walter Wood has had a great last couple weeks, getting third at the SFR Tour Halfpipe in Tignes, and now another bronze here in Aspen. Today he stuck a huge right 900 japan-grab, left 900 tail-grab, back to back flairs with a japan-grab, right 1080 tail-grab to switch ally-oop 900. Just goes to show it pays to make the back-to-back events as he landed in third and took home $1,500.

Alex Ferriera is on the move, upwards. The Aspen local has been developing over the last few seasons and will soon be a household name associated with halfpipe excellence. Today he put down a bolts run, a left 1080 tail-grab, switch right 720 japan-grab, left 900 tail-grab, right 900 tail-grab to ally-oop flat 540 mute-grab that was good for 2nd.

Aaron Blunck is another name that if you don’t know it by now, we’re here to introduce you. He just got back from Russia for this event and trained through all the jetlag to put down some amazing runs.
He led going into finals after a great semi-final, but was trailing behind Ferriera going into his second and final run. Alex had the win all but sealed up until Blunck dropped the biggest right 900 tail-grab of the day, a left 900 tail-grab, flair bro-kang, ally-oop flat 540 safety-grab, ally-oop double flat 720 japan-grab to switch left 720 japan-grab.


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Date: 26/02/2013