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Cole Sax: A gifted movie maker

If you are a freeski fan you surly already watched a flick shooted in Park city and edited by Cole Sax. In fact I watch freeski videos every day I can tell you he always knows to stand out from all the others. For me it‘s always a pleasure to see when Cole uploaded a new edit. As I thought he could give us some interesting information about him and his work I contacted him and he was so keen to answer on some questions I am convinced you will be interested in:

Hey Cole, let‘s start by introducing yourself a bit to the European scene?
What up guys! My name is Cole Sax I’m 19 years old and I’m from Park City, Utah. I’m a student at the University of Utah majoring in film right now, but hopefully I will be moving out to California soon to start a new chapter in my life. I am extremely passionate about filming and photography; It is probably the easiest way for me to express myself and vocalize my emotions. In my free time I love just hanging out with my friends and doing anything outdoors.

Where did you get your skills from? Do you visit a special school or did you teach everything yourself?
I taught myself most everything I know about filming and editing. It started when I was 12 years old and my friends and I started to make ski edits. My dad saw that I had a talent for this and he sent me to a few film camps, (New York Film Academy) and (I.D Tech Film Academy), both in California. A huge mentor of mine was my film teacher in high school, Christopher Maddux, he was an inspiration to me and made me pursue my dreams more than ever. He recently passed away last April, which has been a huge shock to my filming progress and me. Besides Chris I have everyone out at In Sync Advertisement in LA that has taught me an unreal amount of editing skills.

Is freeskiing the only sport you are shooting or are also some others?
I shoot everything really. From my own short films, that I’m always trying to work on, to editing TV spots and trailers in Los Angeles, California. I like to stay busy and versatile so I try to shoot anything possible.

What do you prefer to shoot and why?
I prefer to shoot freeskiing just because I have so much creative control with it. I’m able to manipulate the feeling of it with music and unique editing style. Also I get to ski, which is something that I love to do and film on top of it…, its almost surreal.

And within freeskiing, something you like to shoot most? Urban, park BC or Freeride?
For filming I love everything, but urban is probably the most fun to shoot. Just because it is a challenge to set everything up and also get the shot. Once you do though it is so worth it.

Is there a difference between shooting freeski and other stuff?
Shooting skiing for me is so different from other production stuff. With skiing I am capturing a very unique group of people doing unique stuff. The vibe is always light and carefree rather when I am on set or working more production there is a more serious vibe going on, not to say that when we shoot skiing there isn’t a serious vibe, there just in two different realms.

Do you have some special projects planed for the future?
I have a short film I am working on right now and hopefully will be sending it off to a few film festivals. As for the rest of the ski season goes I am probably finished for now, just because of the recent ACL surgery I got, but I have crazy ideas in my head for some urban shoots and also next season park.

Where do you see yourself in the next years?
I’m not sure where I see myself in 5,10, or even 20 years from now. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, which was make short films, but I am in love with skiing/filming. I want to change the way the world views ski videos and the way they are crafted. If I can make an impact on that in a short span of time I will be happy.

If you could change the way freeski edits get spread and produced these days, what would you do?
I think the way the world views ski videos is okay right now, but there is a lot of room for improvement. With films like, The Art of Flight and All I Can, they are pushing the boundaries of creative filming, editing, and portraying how we look at the sport. If we keep moving in that direction I think in a few years ski films could be shown in theaters. We are on the right path though; everyone wants to film their friends skiing now and everyone wants to push the sport and way people see it. The vision and dream is tangible.

Can you already live off your video work?
I can never live with my work, just because I am always looking to make a better video than my last. I think its a good thing though because I’m always striving for the next best thing.

Does this also mean you spend all your money for investments?
Yes, all my money goes towards equipment, school, and gas! Camera equipment and software is extremely expensive so I have to save my money up for it.

I saw you on facebook with a RED Cam, is it yours?
I wish that was my camera! The RED is a beauty and work of art. That is actually my friends we were using for a night shoot up at Park City Mountain Resort. Getting some B Roll on a reality TV show we are trying to get going.

If you would make a full movie, which free ski movie style will inspire you?
Hands down the Art of Flight and All I Can. Ski films need to be progressing in that direction. If we keep going that way I think ski films will be in theaters in a few years.

One last thing to say ?
Keep skiing keep filming and keep the community going. Nothing needs to be a masterpiece when it comes to making videos just has fun with it. Also keep supporting my films and Unknown Productions and of course Downdays! Thanks for the interview and support.

Thanks Cole to tell us more about you and your thoughts. We hope to see your edits more and more.

Visit his vimeo Chanel here

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Date: 05/03/2012