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CLICK ON THE MOUNTAIN 2013 is in full swing!

The 2013 edition of Click on the Mountain is in full swing! The annual gathering of the photo competition taking place on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc area started on Monday evening with a first gathering of photographers and teams. For now, 2 shooting days have already been completed – Tuesday in the ski area of Courmayeur and Wednesday heliskiing on one of the summits surrounding the town!

Courmayeur, February 27 2013_ Monday evening marked the official starting point of this year’s congegration of some of the best photographers and freeriders Europe has to offer. Rules were explained, and the alpine guides were assigned to each team, everybody had a drink -but in the end everybody was looking forward to get things going the next morning.

Tuesday was “ski resort shooting day”, meaning the teams spent their day inside the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie area. The variety of options made it quite hard for both riders and media to decide where to start first: couloirs, big mountain lines, cliffs, roof-drops or pillows in the forest. As 4 crews, all with a different style of riding and taking photos are approaching the same area it will be very interesting to see the final outcome of their work.

Matthias Fabbro, member of photographer Alo Belluscio’s team: “I’m stoked on this terrain, it more or less offers everything a freeskier is looking for, be it backcountry skiing, big mountains or even playful terrain for freestyle tricks, it’s all here!”

Shootings partially went on until darkness fell over the Aosta Valley!


Regardless of how long the teams were out in the snow the night before, Tuesday 7:45 everybody had to turn up at the Helops hangar. 3 possible landings spots were assigned during a earlymorning lottery, right after that teams were flown into the backcountry of Courmayeur. Glaciers with ice-blue seracs, steep faces and sunny powderfields awaited them.

Wednesday the teams once more head right to the top again: The Mont Blanc awaits! Guided by members of Società Guide Alpine Courmayeur (Luca Argentero, Stefano Campese, Alex Campedelli and Andrea Plat will point out the best spots around Europes’s highest peak), each team will campture its very special view of the freeride options the area above Courmayeur offers.

Interested in the team’s work? From Saturday morning on 3 photo prints of each team will be exhibited in Courmayeur centre, and Saturday evening at Jardin de l’Ange the 2013 edition of Click on the Mountain culminates with prize-giving followed with a big party.

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Date: 02/03/2013