• Pivothead Camera Glasses Finally you can record all your adventures without having to wear odd mounts and weird straps
    Pivothead Camera Glasses Finally you can record all your adventures without having to wear odd mounts and weird straps
    Alex Engels
    10:27 am
    April 18, 2015

    It’s definitely the 21st century. How I know that? Well, this thing that landed on my desk led me to the conclusion. At first I was a little bewildered by the appearance of these Robocop-ish glasses. But when I took a closer look I realised that they were not your usual sunnies. They had a weird red dot right in the middle of the two lenses. “Oh, what’s that?”, I thought to myself. I took them off again, took another look and my thoughts continued: “Yeah, damn right, these things are like detective glasses, with a built in camera. WTF?” I looked at the packaging, with the thoughts still going through my mind. “… what are these glassesmeant for?… Can I wear them when skiing? Wow, they’d be great to play pranks on your friends!…”

    Anyhow, once I had figured out what they are, I inspected them even more closely to answer all these questions in my head.

    Originals_Header-Image_Left (1)Now you will probably ask yourself the same questions as I did. For example, how on earth do you fit all the technical stuff that’s needed to operate a HD camera in such a small frame? Well, I researched a bit and here is what I found out: the camera’s lens sits right between your eyes making for that first person vision only certain computer games will give you. The processor and battery are casually hidden in the temple stems, as well as the on/off button and the button that is used to switch between photo and film mode. You start recording by pressing a little button on one of the stems and then it films in full HD until you press the button again. It’s as easy as that. And it even takes up to 8 MP photos. Just see the list below for all the technical details. The camera comes with 8 gigs in-built memory, and certain Pivothead models can even be topped up with micro SD cards, so you can film even longer. The lenses are interchangeable and as good news for all you four-eyes out there, you can even get them with your prescription lenses.

    The brand itself claims that their glasses, or should we say camera is “truly wearable”. And it is truly wearable indeed: no helmet, straps or any additional mounts needed. Just pop on your glasses, be protected from the sunlight, record what you see and share your experiences with your friends.

    With the push of a button, Pivothead Originals capture your memories in full HD video and audio.

    • NTSC Resolutions of 1080p at 30fps; 720p at 60/48/30 fps; 480p at 60/48 fps
    • PAL Resolutions of 1080p at 25 fps; 720p at 50/25 fps; 480p at 50/25 fps
    • Compression quality settings
    • Adjustable white balance
    • Exposure compensation
    • 44.1 Mhz integrated microphone
    • Auto, fixed or macro modes
    • Time & Date Stamp, Facetracking and Black & White settings
    • 8GB Flash Memory
    • Inbuilt rechargeable battery
    • Charging and data transfer via micro USB