• BERN Watts EPS – The Original Visor Helmet
    BERN Watts EPS – The Original Visor Helmet
    Mark von Roy
    1:17 am
    March 16, 2015

    The brain is a fragile, vital and frankly, somewhat slimy looking part of the body. Harbouring all the complex cells, experiences, thoughts and memories, the brain is what makes you, you.

    berne pow

    Ice, Rocks, Metal and sometimes concrete; these common elements of our daily shred environment slyly wait to do damage to your precious noggin. Skiing is dangerous and basically you are a fool if you spend any time clicked into your skis without wearing a device that protects your cranium. However, many of said devices are simply ugly and make you look like a fool. In an ideal world, you need a device that reflects that awesome personality inside your skull while simultaneously protecting it from the outside. Enter the Bern Watts, the original visor helmet and the first helmet with a personality of sorts.

    A plethora of unique color combinations allows you to customize the style to fit your own taste. Multi coloured, or Black on Black on Black. Whatever your flavour, the Watts has you covered on that front.

    But what of protection? Certified for both bike and snow sports, the Watts is a solid helmet with proven safety standards. It has a light weight ABS Shell lined with EPS foam designed to crack during a heavy impact. Essentially, when the helmet cracks, it cracks instead of your skull and thus all the important things inside are saved. Additionally, the mould is solid and fits snugly on your head without shifting about, even with a beanie underneath it feels glued to your dome.

    The Watts EPS has a bunch of vents, to keep you from overheating and can be fitted with two different liners; one for winter the other for summer. Yes, you can safely use the Bern Watts to shred the gnar on snow and get rowdy on your bike or skateboard; you just have to swap the liners. As a bonus you can also pimp the helmet to include either Wireless Audio Liners, or the slightly cheaper 8track audio liners.

    In summary, don’t be a fool and ride without a lid. With the Bern Watts you are able to reflect your own personal steeze and can rest assured that you doing so safely in summer or winter. It’s a no-brainer.

    Check out the Watts EPS and the rest of BERN’s helmet collection here.