• ISPO 2016 Part 2: Hardgoods & Accessories All the latest helmets, bindings, goggles, and more!
    ISPO 2016 Part 2: Hardgoods & Accessories All the latest helmets, bindings, goggles, and more!
    Ethan Stone
    2:15 pm
    January 29, 2016

    We spent last week prowling the halls of the ISPO trade show in Munich scoping out all of the new gear! Here’s Part 2 of our coverage featuring hardgoods and accessories. To see all the new skis, make sure to check out Part 1 of our ISPO coverage!

    The new helmets from Scott are back with cool designs and with a new earpad audio system. Now you’ve got no more excuses when your girlfriend complains that you aren’t listening to her!


    Für die Zuhörer unter euch

    For the listeners…

    Dynafit has a totally new helmet line this year. From alpine to freetouring they’ve got something for everyone, including a practical magnet closure system.

    Für die neuen Magnetverschlüsse braucht ihr nicht einmal die Handschuhe ausziehen

    Dynafit’s magnet closure system means you don’t even need to take off your gloves to affix the strap.


    • The folks from POC are back with stylish accessories — simple but sick!


    simple but steezy

    Simple but steezy…


    • If you don’t want end up like these skulls, you might want to check out Sweet Protection.






    • Black Diamond‘s got all kinds of interesting alpine equipment – including heated gloves!




    • If you’re looking for new goggles, make sure to check out the fresh designs from Smith.




    • And don’t forget all the new looks from Scott!



    • If you’re in the market for new boots, Full Tilt is always a great place to look. Cool features like interchangeable tongues with different flexes allow you to customize your boot to your individual needs.



    • Fischer has a totally new freetouring boot, the Transalp Pro, to accompany the redesigned Ranger boot.


    Oben der Transalp Pro; unten der Ranger

    Above, the new Transalp Pro; below, the tried-and-true Ranger.

    Atomic has a new touring boot in the lineup, the Backland NC.




    • If you’re looking for a flexible, high-end touring boot, make sure to keep Arcteryx in mind.



    • They’ve also got a nice avalanche airbag backpack.



    Meanwhile, ABS is back with a brand-new radio trigger technology for their airbag packs.



    • Good things come in threes: here’s the new airbag from Mammut!



    • The Kingpin binding from Marker has been overworked for this year and is  TÜV certified.



    • Dynafit has reworked their touring bindings the Radical FT 2, Beast 14 and Beast 16 for the new season.



    • K2 has an interesting new pole in their collection this year, featuring a heat-moldable grip that separates during a crash to prevent injuries from the poles.



    • Pieps has improved their iProbe system this year and added some new features to their shovels.
    • Neues Griffdesign, neue Farbe, auch als Hacke einsetzbar

    A new grip design and new colors, also usable hatchet-style