BE @ B&E Invitational – Europe Video Qualifications – ROUND 2

Ads vidéo contest with Monster The “Be @ B&E Invitational 2015” online video contest gives anyone the unique opportunity to win one of 2 Wildcards to ride at the B&E Invitational in Les Arcs, France from 10th to the 14th of March, 2015.


We have narrowed down to 16 entries from Europe for the single European Wild Card entry. Your job is to select your favourite 3 entries. These guys will make it through to the next round, the final 5 for Henrik and Phil to choose their favourite!

You have until Thursday 15th January to cast your vote.

You can also cast your vote for the entries from the Rest of the World.

Get your friends involved in the voting. Share and like this page to get your favourite skier into the most anticipated event of the year!

Antti Ollila – Finland

Laurent de Martin – Switzerland

Siver Voll – Norway

Jannis Hoffmann – Germany

Joona Kangas – Finland

Kevin Salonius – Finland

Rufus Tangen – Norway

Simon Bartik – Czech Republic

Mike Rowlands – UK

Monty Wright – UK

Johan Niemi – Finland

George Walton – UK

Pierre Bougeot – France

Luggi Brucic – Austria

Jonas Hjohlman – Norway

Aleksi Patja – Finland